Approved Car Body and Non-Fault Accident Repairs in Hove | Great Customer Service Always Comes First

It’s hard to know where to start when we talk about the quality of service our Hove customers receive from our workshop in Burgess Hill. We have fast become one of the most highly regarded names in the area through the seamless delivery of insurance-approved car repairs and non-fault accident repairs, but we see ourselves as more than repairers. In fact, we’d say that approved car body repairs are just a small representation of our business.

Private motorists, fleet operators and members of the trade all use Bumpers Body Shop for land-based accident repairs and car body repairs because they have complete confidence in our services. We take the delivery of those services one step further by offering mobile dent repairs and bumper repairs.

That’s right!

We will travel to Hove in fully kitted vans to remove dents, repair cosmetic damage to paintwork and fix bumpers instead of replacing them.

And this is only the start when it comes to our viewpoint on customer care.

Insurance-Approved Car Repairs

Why would you book in for approved car body repairs with a company you don’t know just because your insurer advises you to? Your insurer will want to have your car repaired as cheaply as possible and will always try to guide you towards a company within their own repairer network. This is because they receive discounted rates and always get their repair work prioritised.

Unfortunately, for our Hove customers, there’s every chance that the workshop the insurance company recommends won’t be local.

Bumpers Body Shop undertakes insurance-approved car repairs right here in Burgess Hill and we have approved status too. It is your legal right to choose your own repairer. Our pursuit of 100% customer satisfaction makes us one of the region’s favourite choices for accident repairs and car body repairs.

Note that with dent repairs and bumper repairs, these are usually small in scale and won’t need you to actively claim or involve your provider.

Non-Fault Accident Repairs

If you have been in a road traffic accident that wasn’t your fault, we think it would be unfair for you to lose your no-claims bonus, and any privileges, just because you want to use a workshop close to the Hove area that isn’t in your insurance company’s preferred network. Insist on using Bumpers Body Shop and you won’t need to deal with any insurers at all. Instead, we’ll take care of everything with our dedicated accident management service.

Approved car body repairs and insurance-approved car repairs don’t require you to do anything except to give us some information about the accident.

We will then liaise with the insurance company of the at-fault driver and gain approval for the repair work. Non-fault accident repairs put our specialists in control of the situation to mitigate risk. This way, Hove motorists won’t lose access to courtesy cars or need to pay a high excess charge for choosing to have accident damage repaired by us and not the insurer’s own network.

Dent Repairs and Bumper Repairs

Why should you lose your no-claims bonus when having small-scale damage repaired when you can just as easily pay for it yourself? Our mobile service in Hove focuses on dent repairs, paintwork repairs and bumper repairs. We can complete the required work at any location convenient to the customer using the latest SMART repair technology. We can repair dents using rods and lifting tools as part of a modern paintless dent removal technique.

In most cases, we won’t need to paint your car after removing the dent.

With bumper repairs, most of our competitors in the Hove area quote for a straight replacement. We will always try to repair if possible. Our vans carry innovative plastic repair kits which enable us to address splits as well as scuffs and scratches. Because we can localise the repair, we won’t need to paint the entire panel. This lowers costs so that you can pay for the work yourself.

We can also undertake small-scale accident repairs and car body repairs on a mobile basis and will recommend this to you if it is a viable option.

For accident and car body repairs in the Hove area, call 01444 236236.