Insurance-Approved Car Repairs in Haywards Heath | Modern Techniques for Dent Repairs

Modern body shops must be flexible to compete in the automotive sector. A sizeable proportion of companies offer land-based services only and focus quite heavily on insurance-approved car repairs. This is a field that covers large-scale accident damage and, to offer approved car body repairs, the workshop will need facilities like a body alignment system and a low-bake oven. Some will enhance these services by offering non-fault accident repairs which they combine with a dedicated accident management service.

Bumpers Body Shop, located in Burgess Hill, surpasses these efforts by doing all the above but also offer a full mobile service in the Haywards Heath area where we use SMART technologies to perform dent repairs, paint repairs and bumper repairs. This gives busy people the opportunity to have minor repairs completed at home or at work without having to visit our workshop at all.

It doesn’t really get any more convenient than that!

Dent Repairs in a Workshop

Because our insurance-approved car repairs and non-fault accident repairs focus on heavier impact damage, there is the possibility that we can’t repair dents at all. It is more cost-effective, and better for the lifespan of the car, if we replace a badly dented panel completely. With approved car body repairs from Bumpers Body Shop, you know that your vehicle will be fitted with a genuine OEM replacement panel, and not a low-end patterned part.

If we believe that we can perform safe dent repairs and bumper repairs for our Haywards Heath customers, then we will do so. We have time-served panel beaters on our team who can use dollies, flips, hammers and heat to planish the dented area, and abrasive wheels to achieve a fine metal finish which is as close to perfect as we can possibly get at this stage.

To finish accident repairs and car body repairs of this nature, we may apply a light skim of body filler which we sand down to a perfectly flat finish.

Dent Repairs on a Mobile Basis

Our mobile services in Haywards Heath deal with smaller dent repairs. We can often use SMART repair technologies to achieve what we refer to as a paintless dent repair. These technologies include shaped rods which slip behind the panel skin and allow us to lift the dent out progressively, or we can used glue sticks which adhere to the panel and, once dried, are pulled by a hand tool to lift out the impression of the dent from the outside.

In many cases, and on most smaller repairs, we may not even need to paint the panel at all, hence the reference to paintless dent repairs. We can also use other SMART technologies to undertake mobile plastic bumper repairs.

And that’s not all.

With insurance-approved car repairs and non-fault accident repairs, we can often encounter a combination of small-scale and large-scale damage. If a motorist from Haywards Heath needs accident impact and cosmetic dent repairs addressed at the same time, the car will still need to come to our workshop, but we can use a combination of traditional and SMART repair techniques to speed up turnaround times and keep the costs under control.

With approved car body repairs, it is the insurance company of the at-fault party who covers the cost of the damage. With SMART dent repairs and bumper repairs, it is more beneficial for our Haywards Heath customers to pay for the work from their own pockets and to protect their no-claims bonuses.

For dent repairs, scratch repairs and bumper repairs in the Haywards Heath area, call 01444 236236.