Accident Repairs in Burgess Hill | Insurance-Approved Car Repairs in the Surrey and West Sussex Areas

Bumpers Body Shop is the preferred choice for private motorists and trade clients from all parts of Surrey and West Sussex. Located in Burgess Hill, we specialise in approved car body repairs and non-fault accident repairs. It is a source of great pride that customers, clients and major insurers trust us with their work. From simple dent repairs, scratch repairs and bumper repairs, to insurance-approved car repairs after major collisions, we are the local body shop that meets and exceeds the standards of national repair centres.

We support our services by managing accident repairs for non-fault drivers.

Approved workshops operate under contract for UK insurance companies, undertaking car body repairs for drivers claiming on their policies. Bumpers Body Shop has approved status but, in the world of insurance-approved car repairs, motorists often find that their providers will want them to have work completed through their own network. This means that for local people, they could feel forced into using a company that isn’t in the Burgess Hill area.

Remember that the final choice always lies with the customer, and that you have a legal right to have non-fault accident repairs and approved car body repairs undertaken at a workshop that is more favourable to your needs.

Block Exemption Regulations

Some insurers impose limitations if a customer chooses to have dent repairs, scratch repairs or bumper repairs completed by a workshop outside of their provider’s preferred network. This could mean you lose access to a courtesy car, pay a higher excess fee or lose any guarantees on the workmanship. In the case of non-fault accident repairs, we strongly advise that you speak to us first and don’t just agree to use the company your insurer recommends.

Non-fault drivers can avoid the stresses associated with approved car body repairs because, as a part of our accident management service, we will liaise with the insurer of the at-fault party and gain approval for the required work.

If you are local to Burgess Hill, this is obviously a major benefit.

But you still have the right to have insurance-approved car repairs completed at Bumpers Body Shop even if you were the party liable for an accident. EU Block Exemption Regulations have stopped the monopolisation of accident repairs and car body repairs by unifying standards of workmanship. We would be happy to put our own workmanship alongside that of the UK’s largest repair centres knowing that we can match them all when it comes to quality.

Indeed, we happily invite you to view examples of our previous work.

While non-fault accident repairs and approved car body repairs account for much of our business, we don’t strictly specialise in insurance work only.

Bumpers Body Shop also deals with minor dent repairs, scratch repairs and bumper repairs for customers who wish to protect their no-claims bonuses by paying for the work themselves. We can accommodate work of this nature at our friendly premises in Burgess Hill or, for those with busier lifestyles, we offer a mobile service and can undertake repairs at your home or place of work.

For insurance-approved car repairs in Burgess Hill, call 01444 236236. We cover all locations across Surrey and West Sussex.