Insurance-Approved Car Body Repairs in Hassocks, Hove and all Surrey and West Sussex Areas

When you make a claim for repairs to a damaged vehicle, one of the things you must agree with your insurance company is who will take on the work. Approved car body repairs are undertaken by companies contracted to your provider. Because they often benefit from discounted rates and know that larger operators can deal with higher volumes of work, insurers will usually prefer it if you have your car repaired within their own networks.

If you don’t, you may find that limits apply, work won’t be guaranteed, or you won’t have access to a courtesy car while your own vehicle is off the road.

Bumpers Body Shop, located in Burgess Hill, undertakes insurance-approved car repairs for motorists in Brighton, Hassocks, Haywards Heath, Hove and the surrounding Surrey and West Sussex areas. We do this as an independent workshop, not as part of a nationwide network, so you are always assured of a personal service that includes management for non-fault accident repairs.

Remember that you have a legal right to choose your own repairer, and that you don’t need to have approved car body repairs undertaken at workshops recommended by your insurance company. Block Exemption Regulations give you the freedom to choose other approved repairers without having to face limits, conditions or penalties. Our clients choose Bumpers Body Shop for insurance-approved car repairs because we are local, much easier to reach, and we match (and exceed) the standards of even our largest competitors.

The benefits of choosing your own repairer can include:

  • Having access to a specialist for the type of car that you drive
  • The guaranteed use of original OEM replacement parts
  • The opportunity to work with a repairer you know and trust
  • Supporting the work of a service provider local to your own area

If you were involved in a non-fault accident and don’t want to use a repairer recommended by your insurer, please contact us for further advice.

Reasons to Choose Bumpers Body Shop for Approved Repairs

Importantly, our workshop in Burgess Hill is already an approved facility. While we might not be the company your insurer recommends, we strongly believe that there is no better name in the surrounding Brighton, Hassocks, Haywards Heath and Hove areas for approved car body repairs. If you need us to provide a courtesy vehicle, we’ll make sure there is one available. If you need us to liaise with a third-party insurance company to gain approval for accident repairs, we include this in our wider accident management service.

Everything you would expect from a major repair centre is available here at our local body shop, where we still take personalised service seriously.

Keep in mind that some of the biggest names in the trade have contracted Bumpers Body Shop for insurance-approved car repairs already. Where you benefit from choosing our services is in the way we treat you as a customer and client. You are always the most important person in our business.

We will keep in constant contact with you throughout the repair process so that you know how things are going with regards to your insurance claim, our communications with third-party providers, the gaining of approval for the required work and, of course, our own progress once the repair work begins.

And, of course, we offer a lifetime workmanship and paintwork guarantee.

When it comes to approved car body repairs, you can trust us implicitly from your very first point of contact to when we hand you back the keys.

For insurance-approved car repairs in Burgess Hill, call 01444 236236. We cover Hassocks, Hove and all locations across Surrey and West Sussex.