Insurance-Approved Car and Non-Fault Accident Repairs in Hassocks | Accurate Colour Matching

When you come to Bumpers Body Shop for minor dent repairs, scratch repairs and bumper repairs, you have the option to use our services on a mobile basis. With accident repairs and large-scale car body repairs, it is better to leave your car at our Burgess Hill workshop because, quite understandably, the required work will take a little longer. Bigger jobs will usually fall under the category of insurance-approved car repairs or approved car body repairs.

Also, for motorists in nearby Hassocks who have been in an accident that wasn’t their fault, we can undertake non-fault accident repairs.

Whichever in-house services you need from the team at Bumpers Body Shop, there is always one thing that our Hassocks customers are assured of, and that’s a perfect colour match. We used advanced materials from ICI to refinish your vehicle and our confidence in this market-leading brand makes it somewhat easy to offer a lifetime guarantee on our paintwork.

Typically, this lifetime guarantee will apply to insurance-approved car repairs and approved car body repairs, and to non-fault accident repairs.

Our mobile service, which mainly cover dent repairs, paintwork repairs and bumper repairs, still come with a workmanship guarantee but, because we use SMART repair systems and materials, Bumpers Body Shop applies a fast-drying colour which is easily faded into the same panel that needs repairing to decrease our turnaround times. While we can’t offer the same guarantee as we can with ICI, we can still promise accurately matching paintwork.

How to Achieve a Perfect Colour Match

Traditionally, car body shops have always identified paint colours by taking a code from the vehicle’s data plate, often located in the engine bay, a door shut or in the boot area, and cross referencing this code with mixing scheme data books and microfiches which contain the paint formulation. Colour chips in ring binders, much like those found in DIY stores across the Hassocks area, were then held against the car’s panels to establish the correct shade.

It is safe to say that the technology behind insurance-approved car repairs, approved car body repairs and non-fault accident repairs have moved on.

Most body shops in and around Hassocks use spectrophotometers to identify paint colours today. When a technician places a spectrophotometer against a car panel, the device illuminates and reflects white light which is then analysed over variable wavelengths. Interference in the wavelengths will pick up electromagnetic spectrum readings to build a profile of the colour.

This profile gives us an accurate colour formula which we use to produce the paint we apply to your car by mixing tinters together. Spectrophotometers have been used in the motor trade now for over a decade. They have proven to be one of the biggest advancements ever for colour matching.

For customers in Hassocks who are having mobile dent repairs, paint repairs and bumper repairs undertaken at their homes or workplaces, there are still no reasons to worry about colour matching. We can use spectrophotometers on jobs where we can’t find an accurate match with traditional methods but, because we keep repairs and paint localised to one area with our mobile services, our technicians can invisibly blend into the existing paintwork.

For dent, scratch and bumper repairs in the Hassocks area, call 01444 236236. We consistently achieve perfect colour matching.