Car Body Repairs in Hassocks, Haywards Heath and the Surrounding Areas | Located in Burgess Hill

Bumpers Body Shop has a workshop in Burgess Hill where we build upon an already impressive reputation by undertaking car body repairs to a defining standard. Our technicians can deal with bodywork and paint repairs on any marque, make or model. To further support our customers and clients, we can offer a mobile repair service in all Surrey and West Sussex areas including Brighton, Hassocks, Haywards Heath and Hove. Car body repairs tend to be cosmetic but, in the event of serious collision damage, we can deal with any structural issues quickly using an alignment system and data sheets.

Our workshops repairs scuffs, scrapes and dents to a standard that matches, and often exceeds, those achieved at centrally located car body shops.

We keep car body repairs affordable. For small areas of damage where we can implement SMART repair technology, it is often more beneficial to pay from your own pocket than it is to lose any no-claims bonuses you have built.

Land-based or mobile, use us for the following car body repair services:

  • Panel Replacements and Repairs
  • Dent, Scratch and Bumper Repairs
  • Paintless Dent Removal
  • SMART Repair Services
  • Plastic Panel Repair Services
  • Bodywork and Chassis Corrosion
  • Full and Partial Car Resprays
  • End-of-Lease and Car Hire Repairs
  • Insurance-Approved Car Repairs
  • Alloy Wheel Repairs and Refurbishments

Customers travel from areas such as Brighton, Hassocks, Haywards Heath and Hove to use our premises in Burgess Hill because, when it comes to car body repairs, they have the right to choose a company they trust. It is always your decision as to where you have your car repaired, so please keep this in mind if your insurer tries to steer you towards a repair network you don’t know.

We invite you to view our previous work and to see why private motorists, and members of the trade, insist on bringing their cars to Bumpers Body Shop.

Bodywork, Paintwork and Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

Our technicians take pride in their work and offer a comprehensive service to cover repairs on panels, paintwork and alloy wheels. Collision damage can impact the mechanical and auto-electrical systems of your vehicle too. Book in for car body repairs with Bumpers Body Shop, and we’ll deal with any other work that your car needs at the same time. We keep costs down by having a full team of trained and qualified personnel at your disposal.

We use quality products from major names such as 3M, an important factor in grinding, machine sanding, hand flatting and masking. Bumpers Body Shop insists on applying quality paints and clearcoats direct from ICI.

Car Body Repairs

It only takes a moment of carelessness, or a distraction, for another driver to damage your vehicle. If you can’t be without the use of a car because of personal or work commitments, finding a workshop that can accommodate car body repairs quickly, or sourcing a mobile repairer with availability, might not be as easy as you first imagine. Leave the damage as it is and exposure to moisture could leave you facing an even bigger issue with corrosion.

With a workshop in Burgess Hill, and with mobile services available in Brighton, Hassocks, Haywards Heath, Hove and the surrounding areas, we have the flexibility needed to take care of your car even at extremely short notice.

Hire and Lease Repairs

If you hire or lease cars regularly and take it back to the office with damage to the bodywork or the paintwork, the keen eyes of the staff at your rental company will find it almost immediately. If you haven’t paid in advance for additional insurance, and if you were at fault for the damage, the cost of car body repairs will have to come out of your own pocket. Even with a little extra protection in place, you could still have to pay a significant excess fee.

Bumpers Body Shop can save you hundreds of pounds by undertaking small cosmetic repairs on rental cars, on a mobile basis, in Surrey and West Sussex.

Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

Car body repairs are the hallmark of our company, but scratched or scuffed alloy wheels can be just as big an eyesore as a dent or a scratch. At Bumpers Body Shop, we take on alloy wheel refurbishment and repair work to keep every part of your car looking flawless from top to bottom. If you would like to retain use of your vehicle and have a spare set of wheels with legal tyres, we can swap them over with the damaged ones to help keep you on the road.

We also refinish alloy wheels to match the colour of the paintwork or the trim.

Call Bumpers Body Shop on 01444 236236 for car body repairs. Our workshop in Burgess Hill covers Hassocks, Haywards Heath and the surrounding areas.