Crash and Accident Repairs in Haywards Heath, Hove and the Surrounding Areas | Located in Burgess Hill

Many of us will know from experience that an accident can happen at any time. Being involved in an accident can leave you feeling shocked, stressed and concerned about the safety of yourself and your passengers. Bumpers Body Shop has a skilled technical team available to deliver accident repairs to a high standard without the fuss or the hassle you might expect. We can help with all non-fault accident repairs and approved car body repairs.

Private motorists, fleet managers and members of the trade travel from all parts of Surrey and West Sussex, including the Brighton, Hassocks, Haywards Heath and Hove areas, to use our workshop in Burgess Hill for private and insurance-approved car repairs. Bumpers Body Shop takes on anything from minor dent repairs and bumper repairs to large-scale accident damage.

In the aftermath of a road traffic accident, it is natural to feel a little shaken. Having a company available to manage the repair work eases the concerns many motorists experience. What sets us apart from competitors in the local area is our accident management service, which specialises in non-fault accident repairs. We liaise with insurance companies and their assessors to reach an agreement on the cost of the repair work as quickly as possible.

You can rely on us for:

  • Small - and Large-Scale Accident Repairs
  • Non-Fault Insurance Repairs
  • Approved Car Body Repairs
  • Insurance-Approved Car Repairs
  • Like-for-Like Courtesy Vehicles
  • All Marques, Makes and Models Covered

With a central location in Burgess Hill, and with mobile services available for smaller jobs, Bumpers Body Shop undertakes accident repairs with care and efficiency so that once you are back on the road, you feel safe, protected and confident. Our workshop is accessible from Brighton, Hassocks, Haywards Heath, Hove and all locations across the Surrey and West Sussex areas.

Choosing a Body Shop for Accident Repairs

Did you know that despite what your insurance company says, it is you who has the final choice over which company completes accident repairs on your behalf? Insurers often try to steer customers towards centralised body shops with larger premises and high-volume repair turnovers because they can secure lower prices at these facilities. We think it makes much more sense to go with a local repairer in your own area who you know and trust.

Bumpers Body Shop is the friendly local face of accident repairs.

A One-Stop Repair Service

Even a minor collision can leave you at risk to injury if you continue to drive without having any repair work undertaken. It is infinitely safer to have your car looked at by a trained professional, and to have an estimate compiled, so that any unseen damage can be properly evaluated. We can offer you a one-stop service that combines accident management with non-fault accident repairs. The only people you’ll ever need to speak to is us.

And, with courtesy cars available, you can stay mobile while your car is off the road and undergoing repair at our popular body shop in Burgess Hill.

Fast Turnarounds and Attentive Workmanship

At Bumpers Body Shop, we have a passion for accident repairs and offer guaranteed workmanship with a lifetime paintwork warranty. We are also good with our organisation and never take on more work than we can comfortably handle. This means we can give your vehicle the attention it deserves and complete the required work within a sensible timeframe. All finished work undergoes a strict QC check before we hand back the keys.

With approved car body repairs and insurance-approved car repairs on offer as well, it’s easy to see why motorists in the surrounding Brighton, Hassocks, Haywards Heath and Hove areas come to us for accident repairs.

We invite you to read the testimonials of our previous customers and clients.

Call Bumpers Body Shop on 01444 236236 to discuss accident repairs. Based in Burgess Hill, we cover Haywards Heath, Hove and all surrounding areas.