Bumper Repairs in Hove, Haywards Heath and the Surrounding Areas | Land-Based and Mobile Services

Impact to a bumper leaves your car looking unsightly, reduces its resale value and could be masking unseen damage. Bumpers Body Shop, handily based in Burgess Hill, is the name to trust for bumper repairs in the Surrey and West Sussex areas. We have specialist techniques at our disposal which, based on the scale of the damage, allow us to repair bumpers at our workshop or on a genuine mobile basis – usually without the need to actively involve an insurer.

Motorists located in Brighton, Hassocks, Haywards Heath, Hove and the surrounding areas can save money if our technicians can implement mobile bumper repairs using plastic welding kits and SMART repair technologies.

With more than 50 years of combined technical experience, our team brings you the skills needed to repair split, scratched and scuffed bumpers. It is our philosophy to repair, not to replace. If the damage to your bumper is too extensive to perform a SMART repair, however, we can source an original OEM replacement from our supplier network and fit it onto your vehicle.

Many new bumpers arrive at our workshop in a pre-painted condition.

The team at Bumpers Body Shop can offer the following services:

  • Welding, repairing and reshaping plastic bumpers
  • Traditional workshop repairs for major damage
  • SMART technologies for localised bumper repairs
  • Accurate colour matching over a contained area
  • Prioritising repairs over replacements to control costs
  • Fast turnaround times to get you back on the road sooner

We have a passion for car body repairs of every kind, and our technicians do everything possible to complete bumper repairs with the least amount of fuss, and in the most cost-effective manner for our valued customers and clients.

Whether you have the work done at our workshop in Burgess Hill, or at your home or workplace in Brighton, Hassocks, Haywards Heath or Hove, the results will always be the same. We produce repairs of an exceptional quality using the most appropriate system based on the scale of the damage.

Bumper Repairs from Experienced Technicians

Our frequent investment into the trade’s latest SMART repair technology is just one way we help to keep repair costs down. Some body shops will instantly estimate for the cost of a new bumper if the old one has split or has suffered structural damage. With the current technology we have available, Bumpers Body Shop much prefers to find a repair method that leaves your bumper in as-new condition, and structurally sound so that you still feel safe in your car.

SMART technology makes it possible for our customers and clients to pay for bumper repairs from their own pockets and protect their no-claims bonuses.

Choosing a Repair System

Everything begins with an assessment of the damage so the repair technique we decide upon is correct for your vehicle. We evaluate splits, scuffs, scrapes and other types of cosmetic damage. Sometimes, with plastic bumpers, even a high standard of repair might not be a permanent solution. This is the only time we would consider a replacement ahead of undertaking bumper repairs. Our plastic repair systems are by far the best in the automotive sector.

We will always treat you fairly and, if you decide to use us for bumper repairs, you have the choice of bringing your car to our premises in Burgess Hill or having us visit you in Brighton, Hassocks, Haywards Heath, Hove or any of the surrounding areas. Convenience is at the heart of our mobile service.

The Local Choice for Bumper Repairs

Bumpers Body Shop understands that it won’t always be convenient for you to drop everything and come to us. Our customers and clients are busy people and, in an age where we have the technologies at our disposal to work outside, mobile bumper repairs have become a popular service with private motorists, local businesses, fleet managers and members of the trade. We inspect our results to maintain high quality standards, even on the road.

And, if you choose to pay for bumper repairs instead of claiming through an insurer, you keep much tighter control over the cost of future premiums.

To discuss bumper repairs, call Bumpers Body Shop on 01444 236236. Based in Burgess Hill, we cover Haywards Heath, Hove and the surrounding areas.