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How Weather Can Affect Your Vehicle’s Bodywork

It’s not just the human body that suffers in bad weather. With more of us than ever leaving our vehicles out in all seasons, damage from the elements becomes more likely. Thankfully, there are ways to minimise their impact, such as visiting the team at Bumpers Body Shop. Specialising in car body repairs, we do everything from paintless dent repairs to plastic bumper repairs, major accident repairs and even classic car restoration work. No matter the car you drive in the Crawley area, we can return it to its previous condition.

Below, we look at how the changing seasons can impact your car, resulting in the need for car body repairs.

Dent Repairs | The Seasons and Your Vehicle

When it comes to their vehicles, car owners rarely think beyond operation and safety, and reasonably so. That said, the elements can degrade the look of your car over time, causing it to lose its appeal and market value. To prevent these from occurring, try to cover your vehicle when not in use, avoid parking on the Crawley roads, and call for dent repairs, accident repairs and all other car body repairs at the first sign of a problem.

The Summer Sun – It’s no secret that overheating can lead to a breakdown, but less known is the tendency for paintwork to fade in harsh sunlight. When the protective layer peels away, it exposes the chassis to moisture issues and more.

Winter Salt – Following accident repairs, bumper repairs and classic car restoration, you will want to keep your vehicle as safe as possible from the elements. Winter in Crawley can bring freezing temperatures, leading the council to spread salt over the roads. This grit can impact your vehicle too, potentially leading to minor car body repairs.

Torrential Rain – Built-up areas are subject to air pollution, which then collects in rainfall and lands on your car. Heavy rain can also obscure your vision when driving quickly around Crawley, Surrey and the surrounding areas. This can more than double your stopping distance, causing you to need dent repairs, bumper repairs or accident repairs at the worst possible moment.

Autumn Leaves –
Did you know that pollen, sap and fallen leaves can all have a negative impact on your car’s paintwork? Wet leaves may prove especially damaging, undoing that beautiful finish following classic car restoration if left for too long. It’s worth removing leaves carefully to avoid scratching the paintwork of your vehicle in the Crawley area.

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For accident repairs, dent repairs, bumper repairs and more from a team with over five decades of experience in car body repairs, choose Bumpers Body Shop. We rectify issues with great attention to detail, can contact your insurance company for you and perform classic car restoration for motor enthusiasts across Crawley and Surrey.

Our methods help to protect your vehicle against the most common elements, ensuring it continues to look its best.

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