Classic Car Restoration

in Crawley, Haywards Heath and the Kent, Surrey and West Sussex Areas

With over 50 years of shared experience, Bumpers Body Shop can manage all aspects of your classic car restoration project. Our team carries out the structural improvements and cosmetic repairs needed, all while maintaining the original charm of your treasured vehicle. We apply this due care and attention to all car body repairs and serve as a preferred choice for classic car restoration in Crawley, Haywards Heath, Kent, Surrey and the West Sussex area.

From panels, bumpers and wheels to complete body shell restoration, our technicians work hard to meet your expectations. If your vehicle demands metal fabrication, then we can arrange it through one of our most trusted partners.

We perform:

  • Preparation and paintwork
  • All structural and cosmetic repairs
  • Body alignment and panel fitting
  • Accident repairs for classic vehicles
  • The coordination of metal fabrication
  • The fitting of reliable vehicle parts
  • Restoration work for all classic models

Please contact us to ensure your pride and joy in Crawley, Haywards Heath or the surrounding areas receives an unrivalled level of care. We own a fully equipped garage in Burgess Hill and can satisfy all of your classic car needs.

The Classic Car Restoration Specialists

Classic car ownership remains the aspiration of enthusiasts across the UK, and as such, the process demands patience, care and mechanics with the proper skillset. Bumpers Body Shop performs a labour of love for classic vehicles of all makes, so they can be ready to travel the UK roads.

A Cost-Effective Classic Car Restoration Service

Vintage vehicles often provide more style and character than today’s models. They stand out from the crowd, offer a rich driving experience and, depending on their age, may even be exempt from road tax. They also tend to hold their value or become more precious as time goes on. With so many benefits, it’s no wonder that classic ownership continues to prove an expensive endeavour.

This is why finding the perfect classic car restoration team is so important. In the right hands, you maximise your investment, enjoy a safer drive on the Crawley, Haywards Heath and West Sussex roads, and can appreciate the thrill of a classic car – refinished by the automotive experts.

Your One-Stop Body Shop

Here at Bumpers Body Shop in Burgess Hill, we know how precious your classic car is to you. Our technicians employ old-school methods and cutting-edge techniques to deliver the best of both worlds, ensuring a dazzling finish every time. Our classic car restoration service includes chassis alignment, wheel refurbishment, spot welding and much more, and we can undertake any repairs you need following a road traffic accident.

Whether you own a classic Mercedes in Crawley, a vintage Aston Martin in Haywards Heath or a Jaguar E-type further afield, our team has the skills to restore all bodywork to a showroom-standard of quality. You can also speak with us for all other car body repairs, including dent, bumper and alloy wheel refurbishments.

Get in touch with Bumpers Body Shop on 01444 236236 for classic car restoration in Crawley, Haywards Heath and the surrounding areas.


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