Car Body Repairs in Burgess Hill
Your Guide to Accident Repairs

Car bodywork issues can happen unexpectedly. You may have been involved in a minor collision, or maybe another driver bumped your parked car. Whatever the cause, you no doubt want to know how serious the damage is and how to fix it. That’s why Bumpers Body Shop has created this guide to car body repairs. Serving customers from Burgess Hill, West Sussex and Surrey, we see and fix all kinds of bodywork issues, providing expert dent repairs, accident repairs and bumper repairs.

Our services even extend to classic car restoration so, no matter the age or condition of your vehicle, we are sure to have an effective solution. Please use the following information as a starting point to understand the severity and needs of different bodywork concerns. For tailored advice, please contact Bumpers Body Shop.


Dents come in all shapes and sizes and may just be cosmetic. However, any damage to paintwork can lead to corrosion or rust, while larger dents may affect the integrity of your vehicle. Professional dent repairs will restore the condition of your car and our experts in Burgess Hill offer a range of solutions, from traditional methods to SMART and paintless car body repairs. We also offer dent and accident repairs as part of classic car restorations.


Bumpers are an important safety feature of your vehicle because they absorb the shock of low-speed collisions. Consequently, you will want to arrange bumper repairs as soon as possible when you notice a problem with your front or rear bumper. The team at Bumpers Body Shop can eliminate scuffs, scrapes, splits and dents, and carry out welding and reshaping.


Drivers in Burgess Hill may need more complex accident repairs if involved in a car accident or crash. If not fixed, accident damage can cause safety concerns, so it is best to visit a specialist in car body repairs. Accident and crash repairs can be small- to large-scale and involve anything from dent repairs and bumper repairs to fixing chassis and wheel arches.


If a car is damaged beyond repair, or if the repairs are deemed to cost more than the market value of the car, it may be written off. There are four types of write-offs and sometimes it is still possible to repair the car to good condition.

Category N and S write-offs are repairable. Bumpers Body Shop carries out full repairs for modern cars, as well as classic car restorations, for vehicles which fall into these categories.

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